Application of Manus-Bond 65-C on surfaces like wood and aluminum demonstrates its quick-drying, durable, and flexible sealing properties.

Manus-Bond 65-C

Manus-Bond 65-C is a one component neoprene sealer which demonstrates excellent adhesion, weather resistance and sealing properties to concrete, mortar, aluminum, wood and many plastics. Will dry quickly to form a tough durable seal and retain its flexibility for years.

Technical Details

Cure Rate

24-48 hrs.


8.75 lbs.


9,500-13,000 cps

% Elongation




Hardness (Shore A)



Compatible Materials

Additional Details

Surface Preparations and Directions of Use

Apply to clean dry surfaces. Cleaning of metal, glass or plastic surfaces should be by a solvent wipe procedure or by mechanical means. Detergent or soap and water cleaning treatments are not recommended. In all cases where used, solvents shall be applied with one clean cloth or a lintless paper towel, and wiped clean with a second cloth or towel. Cleaning solvents should not be allowed to air dry or evaporate without wiping. Finished sealant bead should not exceed ½” wide by ½” deep. Closed-cell polyethylene backer rod can be installed so that the sealant depth is not less than ?” or more than ½”.


Some applications may not be compatible with this product. In most cases, no primer is required. Some cleaners or solvents may not be compatible with this product. Testing suitability for intended application before proceeding with full application is recommended. Do not use in direct contact with fire or in long-term high- temperature applications. Use with adequate ventilation. Inhalation of vapor during application and cure may cause eye or throat irritation. In case of contact with eyes, lips, or mouth, flush thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, consult a physician. Avoid repeated, prolonged contact with skin. See SDS for additional information. KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN.

Clean Up

Excess cured material must be cut or scraped away followed by wiping with isopropyl alcohol, aromatic or ketone-type solvents. The use of these solvents (or other solvents) may be hazardous to your health. KEEP AWAY FROM OPEN FLAME. Tools and application equipment may be cleaned with the same solvent. Follow the precautions and instructions of the solvent manufacturers.

User Evaluation

Testing for substrate compatibility and adhesion must be performed by the user before proceeding with full application or incorporation. The user shall determine suitability of the product for its intended use. Product may not be compatible with all substrates, surfaces, uses, or applications.

Product Storage

The product has shelf life of 12 months after production date. For maximum shelf life, store unopened containers at temperatures not exceeding 80ºF in cool, dry conditions.


Standard colors are white, gray, and black. Other colors may be available upon request.

Packaging and Sizes

Manus-Bond ® 65-C comes in 1, 5, & 55 gallon containers.

Technical Service

Manus technical representatives are available to provide assistance. Please contact our Technical Service Department with your questions or requests for specific applications.

Limited Warranty

Any goods proved defective will be replaced or the purchase price refunded. The limited warranty described herein is in lieu of any other warranty, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. The user shall determine suitability of the product for its intended use. Liability for any incidental or consequential damage or loss is excluded. The user assumes all risks of the product's use, handling, and storage.

To the best of Manus's knowledge, the information contained in this technical data sheet is correct and based on our knowledge and experience to date. Accordingly, the information cannot be used as a guarantee due to the different materials present on the market and that the application conditions are not under our direct control. Manus may modify or update this technical data sheet without notice and any obligation to notify any user of changes. Customers should verify that they have the latest version.