Industrial-strength solutions for secure and reliable bonding.

Manus Industrial Products

Manus Products manufactures a wide-range of adhesive and sealant products perfect for applications requiring instant adhesives to pressure sensitive tape adhesives, to structural adhesives, to any adhesive need you may require.

Installing an industrial HVAC system? We have products that will provide the perfect solution for general sealing and gasketing including our 75-AM UL, 75-AM, 77-AM, and Butyl Tape.

Do you require a solution for noise-reduction in your appliance manufacturing process? Try our Butyl Tape products to deliver a proven sound-deadening application.

We invite you to review our featured products below to find the ideal solution for your industrial applications.

Person in Welding Mask While Welding a Metal Bar

Manus Typical Applications


General sealing and gasketing

Heavy Equipment / Agriculture

Pre-paint fabrication


Sound-deadening applications

Composite Assembly / OEM

Window and door glazing, fillet bead applications

Engineers in Workshop