Adhesive and Sealant Solutions for Every DIY Dream

Manus Residential Products

Transform your home projects from concept to completion with Manus Products, your go-to source for premium adhesive and sealant solutions. Whether you're tackling a DIY renovation or enhancing your living space, our extensive range of products, from instant adhesives and pressure-sensitive tape adhesives to structural adhesives, caters to every need of the residential enthusiast.

Embarking on a kitchen upgrade or bathroom remodel? Discover our versatile 75-AM UL, 75-AM, and 77-AM sealants for secure sealing and gasketing, ensuring durability and reliability where it matters most. For those pesky household noises, our Butyl Tape offers a sound-deadening solution that is both effective and easy to apply, perfect for creating a serene home environment.

Explore our curated selection of featured products below to find the perfect match for your residential projects. With Manus Products, achieving professional-grade results is within reach, transforming your DIY endeavors into lasting achievements.

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Manus Typical Applications


Sealants for air-tight ductwork and insulation


Adhesives for pre-paint wall and furniture preparation

Deck & Patio

Sealants and adhesives for weather-resistant outdoor construction

Bathroom Rennovations

High-performance sealants for wet areas, ensuring long-lasting protection

Flooring Installation

Specialty adhesives for secure flooring, compatible with tile, hardwood, and laminate

Metal Buildings and Roofs

Advanced sealants and adhesives for durable, weather-resistant metal buildings and roofs.

Windows and Doors

Premium sealants and adhesives for secure, weather-tight windows and doors.

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