Flex-Weld 5 epoxy can be applied on materials like ceramics and metal, demonstrating excellent adhesion, UV resistance, and flexibility without a primer.

Manus-Bond Flex-Weld 15 Non-Sag

Flex-Weld 15 Non-Sag is an all-purpose, modified epoxy that provides excellent tensile, peel and shear strength. It will hold vertical beads up to ½”, exhibits superior adhesion and flexibility to a wide variety of substrates including: ceramics, concrete, wood, composites, FRP and most metals-without the use of a primer. Flex-Weld has a user-friendly and forgiving 1:1 by volume mix ratio. Light stable and highly UV resistant. Flex-Weld outperforms most “brittle” 2-component systems by retaining high peel strength and flexibility through a wide temperature range.

Technical Details

Specific Gravity (Blend)


Work Time

15 Minutes

Open Time

25 Minutes

Ultimate Peel Strength

45 Pli

Hardness (Shore A)


Tensile Strength

825 Psi

Lap Shear

750 Psi



Blended Color


Service Temperature

-75°F To 350°F


Compatible Materials

Additional Details


Part A: White, Part B: Black. Blend: Gray.

Specific Gravity

Part A: 1.19. Part B: 1.44. Blend: 1.315.


Part A: 350,000. Part B: 160,000. Blend: 300,000.


55 gallon drums, 5 gallon pails, gallon cans, 400 ml dual cartridges.

Surface Preparation

Apply to clean, dry surfaces free of contaminants that can adversely affect adhesion. Remove all old sealant before applying product. Some substrate materials may not be compatible with this product. Testing substrate compatibility with this product before full application is recommended.


Cured product may be painted with most industrial & consumer paints. Testing prior to painting is recommended.

Storage Life

6 Months. For maximum shelf life, store unopened product between 65ºF – 80ºF. Part B is cold storage sensitive. Do not store below 65ºF for more than 1 week.


Some applications may not be compatible with this product. Testing suitability for intended application before proceeding with full application is recommended. Use with adequate ventilation. Inhalation of vapor during application and cure may cause slight eye or throat irritation. In case of contact with eyes, lips, or mouth, flush thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, consult a physician. Avoid repeated, prolonged contact with skin. See MSDS for additional information. KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN. 

Technical Service

Manus technical representatives are always available to provide assistance. Please contact our Technical Service Department with your questions or requests for specific applications.

Limited Warranty

Any goods proved defective will be replaced or the purchase price refunded.  The limited warranty described herin is in lieu of any other warranty, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. The user shall determine suitability of the product for its intended use. Liability for any incidental or consequential damage or loss is excluded. The user assumes all risks of the product's use, handling or storage.