Manus-Seal 27-A in ultra-clear and various colors demonstrates strong adhesion on multiple materials, fulfilling Federal Specification requirements.

Manus-Bond 27-A

Manus-Seal 27-A is a superior quality, paintable, high solids adhesive/sealant that forms a tough flexible seal between similar and dissimilar materials. Available in ultra clear and many other colors. Has excellent adhesion to aluminum, metals, fiberglass, wood, plastic, vinyl and glass. Creates a seal that lasts many years. Conforms with the performance requirements of Federal Specification TI-S-0230C.

Technical Data

Complete Cure

5-7 Days

Tack Free Time (Minutes)

Less Than 20

Skin Time (Minutes)

Less Than 3

Viscosity (Cps)

500,000 Cps

Elongation (%)


Lap Shear

150 Psi



Peel Adhesion

23 Ppi/100% Cf

UV Rating

No Change After 500 Hours


Approx. 75%

Additional Details

Compatible Materials